Think about your favorite novel. What elements move you? What makes it special?

  • Do you laugh out loud?
  • Do you sink deeper under your covers in suspense or fear?
  • Does it keep you guessing?
  • Does it touch your heart?
  • Does it remind you why you love to read?

What if one story could do all that?

Strong plot. Stronger characters.

The magic a story conjures, that comes alive and resonates within a reader can only breathe from one place—the characters. Elizabeth Bennett, Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes . . . when a character captures the imagination a reader will gladly follow. The enticement becomes more powerful than any plot. The experience becomes more than turning pages to find out what happens. We read to immerse ourselves in the adventures others stride out to meet that we cannot. To sigh when they find their heart in another. Feel their heartache when all is lost. Laugh at their amusing misfortunes. Be frightened when the bad guy has them cornered with no way out. This soul of the book—the character—is where the love of reading is born.

It’s why I write high-impact fiction.

By crafting a dynamic mystery within a conflict-driven love story, I convince the reader why the protagonist’s story has to be told. I invite you to welcome Millie Chandler, Sara Reynolds, Claire Garrison, Celia Hephner, and Kara Cinnamon into your imagination. Please let me know if they become one of your favorites.

Acrostic Poem

- January 5, 2019

Best freakin snowboard design EVER!!!
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- December 17, 2018

#amwriting #amediting #mystery #suspense Holidays turning your writing routine upside down? Hang in there and enjoy…
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- November 7, 2018

#amwriting #mystery #suspense #amediting At the Post Office: Clerk: "Any stamps today?" Me: "Yes. Do you have any…
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- November 5, 2018

#amwriting #mystery #suspense Me: Leave me alone, I'm writing! Zilla the husky: Daylight Savings Time, my a**!
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- October 31, 2018 Just about fell out of my chair reading this post. At last - hope for the rest of us! Thank you @paulgoatallen
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