Think about your favorite novel. What elements move you? What makes it special?

  • Do you laugh out loud? Sink under your covers?
  • Does it keep you guessing?
  • Does it touch your heart?
  • Does it remind you why you love to read?

What if one story could do all that?

Strong plot. Stronger characters.

The magic a story conjures, that resonates within a reader can only breathe from one source—the characters. Elizabeth Bennett, Tom Sawyer, Harry Potter, Hercule Poirot . . . when a character captures the imagination, the enticement is more powerful than any plot. The journey more than turning pages to find out what happens. The read becomes an active process. We read to feel these people. Live their adventures. Sigh when they find their heart in another. Gasp when they are cornered with no way out. This soul of the book—the character—is where the love of reading is born.

It’s why I write high-impact fiction.

I aim to take characterization in romantic suspense to the next level. The first manuscript in my six-part, Kara Cinnamon FBI series: Blind Conviction has placed first in the Utah RWA 2018 Great Beginnings Contest, second in the 2019 Daphne du Maurier competition, and was a finalist in the Killer Nashville 2022 Claymore competition. To date I’ve completed the series’ fifth installment and have four single-title manuscripts.

Acrostic Poem

- September 22, 2022

My son reading my synopsis: "I think you should change Jake's name (from Nisco) to Nabisco. Because he's a man bisc…
h J R

- July 22, 2022

Blind Conviction finaled in the 2022 #Claymore competition! Mind blown!!! So grateful and excited to be going to…
h J R

- July 10, 2022

Another fantastic day at #Sleuthfest. Learned about alternate light sources in forensics investigations.
h J R

- July 9, 2022

I survived being "poisoned" at #Sleuthfest!
h J R

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