Full Disclosure 

(Kara Cinnamon Mystery Series: Book 3)

A mysterious threat toward a beautiful executive leads to the body of another—her assistant. Further discrepancies intermingle with sleuthing intuition, prompting Special Agent Kara Cinnamon and her colleague, Trace Osby, to investigate a posh resort in Carmel Valley. Buried secrets surface as they track the path of a killer, while suspects lurk around every corner, offering insight, entertainment, and complications. The past also catches up to Kara and her fiancé, Jake Nisco weeks before the most important day of their lives. Though they turn to each other to withstand the devastating impact, her career, love, and life are left vulnerable. Trace battles his own demons when confronted with the one woman he cannot forget, and must decide to speak his heart or lose her forever.

Destiny yearns to become reality. Enemies old and new come full circle to exact revenge. It will take all of Kara’s resources, trust, and heart to expose the truth and apprehend them, before she’s faced with no way out.

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