Inflatable Men

All dressed up for a date with a killer.

New York City – Fashion capital of America and home to the once prestigious House of Rivaldi. Designer Celia Hephner is determined to turn Rivaldi around. Yet “inflatable” men fill her world with their puffed up egos and private agendas. The worst being her ex-husband who left her five years ago for Paris, Peter Sletcher. As a marketing guru who knows her genius, Peter challenges Celia’s comfort zone, though his motivation remains ever in question. Designs are stolen, bodies fall, and talents battle it out within the silky seams of the Fashion Center’s runway as Celia must do the one thing she cannot—trust Peter, before she becomes the next victim and the fall of the house is assured.

Murderous intent, stylish clothes, dangerous love.

Please note: Inflatable Men was briefly listed on Amazon in 2012 for contest purposes only. It was not promoted or marketed. It is not currently being sold.