Search and Seize Her

(Kara Cinnamon Series: Manuscript 2)

A Klimt masterpiece is revealed at the Bigsby Foundation only to be snatched by thieves in a brazen heist. New to the Monterey Bay unit, Special Agent Kara Cinnamon is partnered with a reluctant Trace Osby to investigate. Questioning witnesses uncovers a crime as mysterious as the portrait’s subject—Emilie Flöge, Klimt’s muse and friend, or passionate soul mate?

Though Kara’s boss lets her keep the prolific case, he squelches her assurance in her long-awaited transfer with a truth beyond his control—prove herself or be ousted from the unit. Kara takes comfort in her reason for returning home, Jake Nisco, who seeks to steer Cinnamon Marine toward new horizons while shouldering heightened expectations.

After years apart, Jake and Kara’s hold on each other struggles against broken promises, unfinished business, and secrets. Jake departs on a dangerous ocean crossing, while pressure on Kara mounts as the thieves leave a trail of empty frames, looted galleries, and an ever-growing list of suspects in their wake.

Murder. Malice. Forgery. It will take all of Trace and Kara’s skills and trust in each other to capture the culprits in a high-speed chase to reclaim the stolen treasures before Klimt’s mysterious woman and Kara’s own dreams disappear forever.

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