To Make You Mine

“Unseasonable cold crept across the lush New England summer. The remainders of the cheerful day were whisked away on a breeze, into the forest . . .”

Cape Ann, Massachusetts – The winding trails of the forest invites. Danger looms for a family divided by betrayal, friendship grapples with true love, and one person’s prowling jealousy will attempt to destroy all.

Young Millie Chandler’s life is changed forever the day she discovers a runaway, Ben Thatcher, in the forest near her harsh mansion home. Neglected in different ways, they find mutual understanding in each other for the first time in their lives. Her aunt takes Ben in, and through years filled with trials and triumphs, their friendship lays the foundation of deep-rooted love. As adults they are shaken to discover they want each other in new ways, yet both refuse to risk the most important bond in their lives.

After decades of training, Millie reaches for her dream only to have a spiteful adversary snatch it away. As she rebuilds, Ben and Millie’s feelings overtake their fears. Yet the same enemy tears them apart with blackmail and deceit. Disillusioned, Millie runs from the life she has always known and Ben must fight his way back to the only woman he will ever love. Caught in a web of smuggling, murder, and greed, she is forced to return and confront Ben. Yet a killer lurks in the forest, ready to destroy her every hope even as they are reunited.

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