Trapped in Epitome

Stay for a Lifetime. However short.

Epitome, Maine – the picture of a quaint coastal town yet secrets dwell within its crevices . . .

A serial killer claims his first victim—a tourist—on a summer’s eve. His spree of lunacy has just begun.

Claire Garrison, poised on the brink of her lifelong dream, her goals tug at a heart consumed with loyalty to an ailing mother, the home she holds dear, and the fisherman she’s helpless to resist.

Phillip McKeen, a fifth-generation lobsterman, envisions a life beyond a small town, though such an idea is taboo in the fishing community. He cannot deny his aspirations, or the lure of the woman who snagged his heart.

Born on the same day, drawn to each other by destiny, Claire and Phillip discover their fate, but at the wrong time. Promises are made when they are reunited, but Phillip’s priorities skew when luck baits him toward unexpected avenues. Bad decisions entrap him in a net of deceit until he must choose—give up his love or his life. Betrayed, Claire escapes into the arms of renowned opportunities in Boston until tragedy forces her to return to the landscape scarred with memories of the one man she cannot forget. Free from entanglements, Phillip returns as well to rectify his worst mistake—losing Claire. Yet a killer waits to send her to a watery grave, and make both their destructions absolute.

Guaranteed to trap the reader’s heart – Trapped in Epitome

Please note: Trapped in Epitome was briefly listed on Amazon in 2012 for contest purposes only. It has not been promoted or marketed. It is not currently being sold.