Think about your favorite novel. What elements move you? What makes it special?

•Do you laugh out loud?
•Sink under your covers?
•Does it keep you guessing?
•Does it touch your heart?
•Does it remind you why you love to read?

What if one story could do all that?

Adventure with heat. Humor with heart. Strong plot. Stronger characters.

The magic a story conjures, that evokes emotional impact in a reader breathes from one source—the characters. Elizabeth Bennett, Stephanie Plum, Harry Potter, Hercule Poirot . . . when a character captures the imagination, the enticement becomes more powerful than any plot. The journey extends beyond turning pages to find out what happens. The read becomes real. We read to feel these people. Live their adventures. Sigh when they find their heart in another. Laugh when their tragedy becomes comedy. Gasp when they are cornered with no way out. This soul of the book—the character—is where the love of reading is born.

I specialize in robust character development within the romantic suspense and rom-com genres. The first manuscript in my Kara Cinnamon FBI series, Blind Conviction placed second in the 2019 Daphne du Maurier competition, was a finalist in the Killer Nashville 2022 Claymore competition, and a 2023 Maggie winner in the Georgia Romance Writers competition. To date I’ve completed eleven unpublished manuscripts (single titles and series). Currently, I’m finishing Getting Published is Murder and reside in Florida with my husband and our nefarious alligator, Doris, who lurks behind our home, plotting our death.

With 23 years of experience, I aim to partner with the right agent to take my writing to the next level and assist with a long-standing career.