Blind Conviction

(Kara Cinnamon Series: Manuscript 1)

Earning her creds proved easy. Losing her heart—impossible.

Monterey, California. Kara Cinnamon—daughter of a legendary shipwright—has one goal: becoming an FBI special agent. A dream that emerged from the shadows of her mother’s shifty past, little does Kara know such a career will pit her against the drug capo her father has secretly shielded her from—Ricardo Vega. With Quantico weeks away, Kara’s anticipation is capsized however when a new apprentice, Jake Nisco, arrives at her father’s boatyard. Skeptical of his easygoing manner, Kara soon discovers Jake’s instinctive touch goes beyond the sleek wooden vessels that have made Cinnamon Marine world-renowned. Despite disarming attraction, separation stems their heartfelt bond. As a polyglot and expert shot, Kara is far from an average agent. Her path soon crosses Vega’s, whose trafficking network drags her undercover to save the innocent. Defeat frays her belief in the system, while the man who moored her heart remains where she cannot be—home. Framed by Vega’s mayhem, Jake falls under bureau scrutiny, sending Kara’s conviction in justice and duty toppling. Torn down, she must discover her greatest strength lies in her heart rather than her training, as she races to uncover the secrets in Vega’s cartel before Jake’s freedom and time runs out.