Honeymoon Period

(Kara Cinnamon Series: Manuscript 4)

Carmel, California – Infamous thieves, the Cosmos brothers, hold up a jewelry store and escape with the coveted Otto Diamond. Special Agent Kara Cinnamon and Trace Osby pursue the Cosmos’ trail, but the burning question remains: Who hired them? Only the antagonist knows of the heist’s true prize—a smuggled pink rough diamond.

As head shipwright of Cinnamon Marine, Jake Nisco launches into his largest commission to date. Yet Kara feels off-balance when weighing her creds against the changes in her life. Her unease compounds when she meets jewelry store owner, Clint Otto. Intuitive and intriguing, Clint is oblivious to the ring on her finger. She brushes off his interest, but can’t ignore another connection—Clint is the destined owner of Jake’s schooner build, Plunder. Complications, cagey suspects, and the Cosmos’ return lead to gunshots, murder, and mayhem. Until a faceoff puts what Kara values most in the crosshairs.

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