It’s time once again to poke fun at myself. Whether it was auto correct or a flat out error, here are some of my latest, humorous type-os discovered while editing:

I set new time records walking that day, headless to the rain. (Kind of hard to walk without a head . . .)

She got her tempts after her sixteenth birthday.  (Aren’t all teenagers tempted by something at age sixteen?)

She shook her herd violently. (This mistake only makes the use of the -ly adverb worse!)

Stella’s rash isn’t the only think that stinks. (Thing? Or was the rash implanted by an alien with a mind of its own? Moohahaha.)

Should I fall to me knees in gratitude?  (I guess, if you’re a pirate.)

He drank a few bears. (And not a mark on him. Wow.)

The group acted clicky (Uh, cliquey? Had to be pulling a late night writing with that one.)

The wholly mammoth on his t-shirt was eye-catching. (Can you be a half mammoth? How about “wooly”?)